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"I wanted to write and thank you on behalf of Mirage for the work you did for us over the last several months.  Your professionalism, attention to detail and experience were instrumental in the success of the project.


I want to compliment you for the work you did to help us turn an under-productive and frustrating relationship around – to the point where we were able to reformulate a win-win relationship under new terms. Your help in creating and executing a strategy that worked; to help stabilize and build trust in the relationship with clear, methodical and unemotional contact and communication with our partner; to help create the right pressure to drive the discussion to a negotiation; and to provide insight into negotiation strategies were all instrumental in our success.


I know you will agree that this was one of the more challenging projects either of us has seen, and I hope that you found the experience and results personally rewarding.


Of I can provide a reference for you in the future with any prospective clients, please do not hesitate to call on me. I look forward to working together again in the future."



Michael J. D'Eath
Vice President, Corporate & Business Development
Mirage Networks, Inc.

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