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"Your help in creating and executing a strategy that worked .... and to provide insight into negotiation strategies were all instrumental in our success. ...."
Mirage Networks


"New Paradigms brought together a compelling business plan and set of recommendations .... Sun will now be able to deliver a significant market development program which would not have been possible otherwise ...."
Sun Microsystems

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Sun Microsystems, Mirage Networks, NEC, Silicon Graphics, Business Logic, CineLink, Instancia

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Alliance Management Workshop Series Launched
New Paradigms Will Co-Lead Professional Development Seminars

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel of Executives of Large-Small Company Alliance Strategies
Top Industry Alliance Executives to Discuss Unique Business Partnering Issues in ASAP Event

Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals Workshops Launched
First to Deliver Negotiation Training Designed for Alliance Development Issues

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel on Open Source Business Strategies
Top Industry Executives to Discuss How to Be Successful with Open Source at SDForum Event


Building Alliances to Propel Your Business Strategy

Business partnerships and strategic alliances. It's an area growing in scope, sophistication and importance. It's all about building the infrastructure to complete your products, maximize your distribution and out-market your competition. It's about developing a strategy around your entire value network and implementing it with with effective business alliances. It's a critical competency in today's business environment.

We call it Building Business Bridges. That's what we do and how we can help. 


How We Help

  • Top-to-bottom business development and growth strategy review
  • Sleeves-up implementation
  • Sourcing, due diligence and negotiating alliances
  • Troubleshooting and fixing underperforming alliances
  • End-to-end alliance governance review and diagnostics
  • Staff development in best practices in alliance and business development
  • Product and market value chain gap analysis
  • Alliance life cycle management

Who We Help

  • Business and corporate development executives
  • Alliance managers
  • Product managers
  • Marketing, sales and channel managers
  • Corporate executives

Why We Help

We have a long and successful track record with the unique and complex alliance functions that cut across the normal terrain of marketing, sales, business and corporate development and product management. In many companies these partnership functions are dispersed across diverse areas and become hard to understand and manage. That's where our expertise and experience rolling up our sleeves has helped many clients.


See how we have helped numerous clients and how we can help you.

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