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"They quickly picked up on both our vision and what was practical to give us excellent insight to our business. 

 We truly appreciated their creative thinking and his "roll-up-the-sleeves" approach to getting the funding we needed ..."(more)

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Mirage Networks, Sun Microsystems, NEC, Silicon Graphics, Business Logic, CineLink, Instancia

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Flexible Service Offerings.  We will contract with technology companies for projects large and small; for those requiring beginning-to-end support as well as engagements to resolve isolated issues; and for resource leveling and out-sourcing and well as domain expertise consultation and implementation. In short, out goal is to be as flexible as possible to help you business meeting its business development and marketing requirements.

Flexible Compensation. Fees are typically negotiated on a project basis, rather and a fee per hour basis. We will work with you to create a mutually satisfactory engagement contract. In some cases, especially startup situations, we will negotiate combined cash and equity compensation

Feasibility Phase. We typically develop projects in stages, beginning with an initial feasibility and project design phase. Our goal in this stage is to negotiate a very attractive fee to make you comfortable that you will are satisfied with the project plan and what it will cost, and that you are comfortable working with us, before you commit to any significant outlay of resources.

Services Offered.  We offer the following services:

  • Top-to-bottom business development and growth strategy review
  • Sleeves-up implementation
  • Sourcing, due diligence and negotiating alliances
  • Troubleshooting and fixing underperforming alliances
  • End-to-end alliance governance review and diagnostics
  • Staff development in best practices
  • Product and market value chain gap analysis
  • Alliance life cycle management

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