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Alliance Management Workshop Series Launched
New Paradigms Will Co-Lead Professional Development Seminars

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel of Executives of Large-Small Company Alliance Strategies
Top Industry Alliance Executives to Discuss Unique Business Partnering Issues in ASAP Event

Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals Workshops Launched
First to Deliver Negotiation Training Designed for Alliance Development Issues

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel on Open Source Business Strategies
Top Industry Executives to Discuss How to Be Successful with Open Source at SDForum Event


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Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals Workshops Launched

First to Deliver Negotiation Training Designed for Alliance Development Issues

Los Gatos, CA October 19,2007   John Soper, of New Paradigms Marketing Group's, will assist in the design and market and important new workshop focused on the unique issues Alliance Management brings to negotiation best practices.  The course will be lead by a leading expert, Janet Martinez, Director of the Stanford Law School's  Gould Negotiation and Mediation Program.  Professor Martinez bases her instruction of the ground breaking work from the Harvard Business School, 3D Negotiation (Harvard Business School Press).  The initial workshop presented in Silicon Valley was enthusiastically received by area alliance professionals hosted at HP.

"I am delighted to be working with Janet Martinez who has developed compelling material on negotiation best practices and delivers it to capture the imagination,"  said John Soper.  He added, "There are many negotiation workshops, as anyone who has read an airline magazine knows. We are proud that this is the first one to combine cutting edge Harvard Business School theory with the context of managing an Alliance Life Cycle.  Anyone in the business development, alliances or related areas can gain immensely from this course."

Initially the Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals was offered on November 15, 2007 to area alliance managers.  The feedback demonstrated the demand for this workshop, and New Paradigms is now marketing it locally and worldwide both as a scheduled class and as a tailored workshop to in-house instruction.  Plans for the spring and summer are now being developed.

For more information see [link] or email us to be updated on future schedules, availability and how you can bring a customized class in-house.

About New Paradigms Marketing Group

New Paradigms Marketing Group was founded by John Soper in 1994 to provide alliance and business development strategy and implementation services to technology companies.  Major clients include Sun Microsystems, Siemens, Silicon Graphics, and NEC.  Numerous startup clients include Business Logic System, Instancia and Mirage Networks. He has been instrumental in finding creative growth strategies for cutting edge software technologies including leading Internet services, Java, Linux and other Open Source software, business process and workflow management, business analytics, and network security systems.  (www.NPMarketing.com )

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