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Virtual Executive and Staffing Services

Staff and Line Capacity
To Grow You Business as You Need It, When You Need It

If you don't want to add to head count, but need temporary additional capacity to grow you business, we can help. Whether it is for a month or two or even a year, we can join your team on a contract basis as a VP of Business Development, and Alliance Manager or any related role.

What is the difference between this and our consulting services, which also offers implementation services? First, you have an experienced manager dedicated for a fixed amount of time. Second, we will work on site. Third, we function as an integrated member of your team. 

Then what is the difference between this and adding staff? Simple. You don't have to add headcount. You add capacity to your team, but on a temporary contract basis, for the percent and length of time you desire. You avoid the risk and cost of adding permanent staff.

We have successfully completed long term projects for clients on this basis. We have launched programs, performed long term analysis, negotiated and supported new alliance deals -- and usually the only one who knew we were not on permanent staff was the one who hired us.

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