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Alliance Management Workshop Series Launched
New Paradigms Will Co-Lead Professional Development Seminars

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel of Executives of Large-Small Company Alliance Strategies
Top Industry Alliance Executives to Discuss Unique Business Partnering Issues in ASAP Event

Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals Workshops Launched
First to Deliver Negotiation Training Designed for Alliance Development Issues

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel on Open Source Business Strategies
Top Industry Executives to Discuss How to Be Successful with Open Source at SDForum Event


Consulting Services

We provide client-focused business and alliance development services on a consulting basis. Our services are completely customizable to meet your needs -- we work with a core set of best practices rather than "cookie cutters."

Our services focus on strategic analysis  and implementation. 

Strategic Business Analysis - The Map to Success

Our services are based on the conviction that many technology companies self-limit their growth opportunities by over reliance on traditional business and alliance development approaches. Often, market and product analyses are not sufficiently focused or flexible enough the meet the demands of the highly dynamic, horizontally structured, and alliance dependent technology markets and value chains. In addition to traditional analysis, we can help you look at:

  • Performance of your current alliance portfolio for maximum profitability (including gap analysis, performance metrics and partner health diagnostics).
  • Your position in your customer' value chains, to enhance your own value chain analysis.
  • Leverage from alliances that can dramatically increase you market reach and product breadth.
  • Critical choke points that can protect your markets.
  • The deepest profit pools, to will increase your overall bottom line.
  • How to integrate all the key market develop components in a coherent, actionable whole, company-wide.
  • Market drivers that behave more unpredictably than the traditional analysts' linear model.
  • Alliance life cycle analysis.
  • Trend impact analysis, including Open Source Software (OSS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to keep you ahead of the curve.

Implementation - Achieving Success

We help you move your Strategic Development plans to reality and success. Our goal is to help move you through the critical early stages of Market, Business and Alliance Development until the process matures to a repeatable sales and marketing model. Our service is based on the conviction that in today's technology marketing environment requires more than doing deals and launching marketing programs. To maximize your success we help you:

  • Develop the right terms for the right deals with alliances and customers at the right time.
  • Frame and close the toughest of negotiations.
  • Use alliance balancing techniques assure the maximize marketing and technology payoff.
  • Adjust your strategy in light of tactical realities while maintaining strategic objectives.
  • Determine lighthouse accounts portfolio with maximum leverage and minimum resource drain.
  • Guide you in Best Practices to utilized throughout the Business Development Cycle 

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