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Alliance Management Workshop Series Launched
New Paradigms Will Co-Lead Professional Development Seminars

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel of Executives of Large-Small Company Alliance Strategies
Top Industry Alliance Executives to Discuss Unique Business Partnering Issues in ASAP Event

Negotiation Skills for Alliance Professionals Workshops Launched
First to Deliver Negotiation Training Designed for Alliance Development Issues

New Paradigms to Moderate Panel on Open Source Business Strategies
Top Industry Executives to Discuss How to Be Successful with Open Source at SDForum Event


White Papers, Articles and Presentations

We are pleased that we are sought out not only for the business success we can produce, but also for the ideas and strategies we bring to the table.

A few of the papers, interviews and talks by our founder, John Soper, are available here for easy access:

Beyond the Chasm:
Profiting from the Next Technology Wave 
[Normal Version PDF] [Condensed Version PDF]

"Will this post-boom period of technology consolidation mean declining creativity, profit and growth?

Not at all. The combined effects of a commodity infrastructure and application integration will bring dramatic growth and sustainable value – if we can muster the imagination and business creativity it will require." 

Read the Paper [Normal Version PDF] [Condensed Version PDF]

TechSpeak Interview:
New Paradigms Market History and Values

"The trends of integration and distribution of information through ubiquitous, standardized networks is still very much alive and well. Whether it is B2B, B2C, C2C - or whether the clients are mobile tablets, cell phones, or home entertainment systems, the core Internet value proposition has not changed."

Read the Interview [PDF]


The Next Wave of the Internet: New Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Investors
[PDF] [Word]

"The components of the next wave of the Internet are under development now, bringing new opportunities and challenges…. this new wave has the potential to meet and exceed the promises of the last decade: virtually frictionless supply chains, unparalleled knowledge expansion, and applications with the potential to transform our economy and society. Equally clear, it will challenge the best minds in technology, finance, corporate management and government in ways we can now only imagine."

Read the Article [PDF] [Word]

The Next Waive of the Internet: Drivers, Inhibitors and Value [PDF] [PPT]

Presentation Contents:

  • Next Wave Drivers
  • Next Wave Inhibitors
  • The Value
  • What Will It Happen

View the Presentation [PDF] [PPT]


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